Saved our Business from a Ransom Attack

We are small oil & gas firm in Houston and have known Jonathan Cardoza since 2009. We started with only 3 employees and grew to about 30 employees and Jonathan & Scorpion have help and grow with us thru out the years.

The biggest event that we had in our firm was when we got hit with a ransomware attacked where it encrypted all of our files and stopped our business. I couldn’t image not having Jonathan and his team in place during that event. Back story to this was when we hire a new Office Manager she asked for admin access to her computer, Scorpion had our network locked down to where any installation has to go thru Help Desk Team and Jonathan did notify us the risk of having someone with admin access. We decided at that time that for this specific Office Manager we would give them the chance and give them admin access. Well 2 weeks later she click on an email and installed a virus that encrypted all our files on the network. We called Jonathan and they were on top of it right away. He already had disaster recovery plan that got us back up within 4 hours, we just lost about 2 hours worth of work.

C. Johnson VP – Oil & Gas firm in Houston

It’s like having an in house technology department at a fraction of the cost..

In 2009 when I took over management of a large medical practice (4 offices and 100+ employees – some of which work remotely), it quickly became apparent that consistent and reliable tech support was essential. When the server in one of the offices crashed there was no one on staff that knew what to do. Additionally, I soon discovered there was no business email system, thus staff was using personal emails to communicate, office phones were antiquated and had no connectivity, and there was no standard for new equipment or plan for replacement or upgrades. All of which meant higher costs and constant disruption.

We were fortunate to learn about Jonathan Cardoza and his staff at Scorpion Technology and ultimately signed up with them.  They took over responsibility for all technology related matters from simple things like networking printers to transitioning us to a cloud based electronic medical records system.

Jonathan was involved in all of our capital budget meetings that involved technology or telecom. We transitioned from a scheduling system to a full-blown EMR and Jonathan was instrumental in helping us evaluate the capabilities (and weaknesses) of the myriad of systems. He was on hand throughout the transition ensuring that during what could easily have been a disruptive conversion, we were open for business, scheduling patients, collecting payments, etc. Concurrently we opted to move to a cloud-based system which added to the complexity, and of course some issues arose, but Jonathan and his group were, and still are, always quick to respond.

It’s like having an in house technology department at a fraction of the cost.

L. Snyder CFO – Dermatologist Practice in Houston

Amazing Customer Services and they always responds the same day

Scorpion Technology is the best IT company you could ever use. The response time is impeccable. The IT knowledge and problem solving is absolutely amazing. I have worked with many IT companies and none of them have even come close to Scorpion Technology. The customer service is phenomenal which is truly hard to come by these days! I will never use anyone else and they have a customer for life! You truly can not go wrong by going with Scorpion Technology for all your IT needs!!!!.

C. Bodo Office Manager – Construction Company in Houston